Hall of Fame

Each year, special individuals will be inducted into the M2M Hall of Fame. The honored inductees are recognized for the positive impact they have had in the on-going success of “The Air Force Heritage Ride” either as cyclists, organizers or distinguished contributors.

Kevin Dwyer (2024)

Originally from Pennsylvania, USAF CMSgt Kevin Dwyer joined the Air Force in 1997, and is still serving 26 years later. Currently he is the Deputy Commandant at the Career Enlisted Aviator Center of Excellence, the Senior Enlisted Leader of Air Force Reserve Command’s Undergraduate Flying Training Program, a Boom Operator, and the Team Lead of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Air Force Cycling Team.

Kevin was an avid cyclist in his younger years and helped put himself through Penn State University working as a bike technician where he assembled over 25,000 bikes. This experience has proved invaluable to the M2M. His generosity with his time and his superior bike mechanic skills have helped many M2M riders. Daily, you can find Kevin not only fixing a bike but often making several adjustments to improve the bike’s performance and all the while explaining what he is doing such that the rider becomes a better mechanic.

On his very first ride with the Air Force Cycling Team at the Museum of Aviation Marathon, he was paired up with the fastest disabled rider. Initially this sounded like an easy mission. Tasked with staying a minimum of 6’ out in front of his rider, Kevin had to average over 24 mph in 34-degree weather. Power is Kevin on a bike!

He personally assembled the current Oklahoma team. He created team social media and convinced all the Command Chiefs across Oklahoma to help him pitch the team. In Oklahoma’s first year, the team participated in 22 organized races and rides across Oklahoma and sent 8 members to RAGBRAI and 6 to M2M. Kevin embraced taking care of his members, coaching, and even providing his personal equipment to teammates. He organized the team’s transport to RAGBRAI and incredibly secured Space A airlift for the Oklahoma contingent to and from the inaugural M2M. 

In addition to being a key M2M recruiter, mechanic, and strong rider, Kevin is an inspiration to all. On Day 1 and Day 4 of M2M, you can find Kevin often in the lead of fastest paceline, but ever vigilant of the value of mentorship he also chooses to ride Day 2 and 3 with members of the team that cannot maintain the lead peloton’s lightning speed. He has a knack of seeking those in need or feeling off their game and motivating them along. One day, after having already ridden 82 miles, he rode back 19 miles to recover one of his fellow teammates who was facing exhaustion. Incredibly, he took care of the rider and led him to safely finish, a feat the rider thought was impossible.

It is often said, if you don’t know Kevin at the beginning of this ride, you will by the end. Kevin is all in. There are many stories that all point to Kevin never missing a chance to promote the M2M and to inspire every participant. If you have ridden the M2M, you know Kevin and have felt his inspiration.  

Mark Wilder (2024)

USAF CMSgt (Ret) Mark Wilder grew up in England a dual national and enlisted in the USAF in 1983 at RAF Mildenhall.  Mark Served for 26 years as an F-15/F-22 avionics troop. He “retired” out of Langley AFB in 2009 as the 1st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Chief and has continued to serve the U.S. Air Force ever since as a Government Civilian at HQ Air Combat Command on F-22 Weapons System Team.

Mark has always been a bike rider no matter where the Air Force planted him and his family. From 2011 to 2013 he participated in the multi-day Ride 2 Recovery Memorial Ride from Washington DC to Virginia Beach raising approximately $15,000 to benefit injured veterans. In 2013, he began his journey with the Air Force Cycling Team and became the National Capitol Region Team Lead. He coached his team and planned all its logistics and rode in six RAGBRAIs from 2013 to 2018.  

In 2022, Mark heard about the Inaugural M2M and jumped in to provide invaluable support. He helped build the initial strategy. He planned and executed the first M2M dinner, finding the perfect venue at the Virginia War Museum. He built a beautiful plaque commemorating the Inaugural M2M and asked the CSAF #21 to present it to the museum where it is on display today. He and his wife also helped with M2M logistics. 

In 2023, Mark set the foundation for future Air Force flybys at the M2M by gaining SAF/PA, ACC, and FAA approvals. Again, he planned and executed an M2M dinner where our first wounded Airman rider spoke. Additionally, Mark led a peer-to-peer fundraising effort that helped the M2M achieve its reach goal for fundraising for the AFA’ Wounded Airmen and Guardians program. 

With Mark’s strong riding and his many planning initiatives in the first two M2Ms, his leadership has become invaluable to the M2M.




Jack McCombs (2023)

From North Carolina, Jack joined the Air Force in 1962 and served for 22 years retiring as a CMSgt in 1984. Jack loved the Air Force and only retired out of necessity for family reasons.

Jack got the M2M off to the greatest of starts…which was super important to the success of the Inaugural M2M. Jack organized Day 1. Among the many contributions, Jack worked with the National Park Service to allow the M2M private use of the Wright Brothers’ Memorial prior to the Park’s normal opening time. He recruited the local bike shop to be available to help riders assemble/fix bikes both on Day 0 and early in the morning on Day 1. Working with local police departments, he designed the route for Day 1 and organized almost non-stop police escorts. He cajoled a professional photographer to donate her services and drone support. Jack also personally drove Day 1’s straggler vehicle ensuring everyone had a successful day. He worked with the local city councils and police departments all along the route both before and after the ride to set the foundation for the ride’s growth into America’s favorite ride.


Jack didn’t begin cycling until age 65 and then his athleticism, discipline, and natural talent took over. Within the first year, he won the NC State Senior Games. The following year, he won the Virginia State Senior Games 5k and 10k races; and followed that by winning Calvin’s Challenge 12-hour race in Ohio, his first ultra-marathon, by riding 197 miles. The following year he broke Calvin Challenge’s record for his age bracket (65-69) by riding 209 miles.  Then twice, in the 70-74 age bracket, he won the Mid-Atlantic 100-mile race (his best time was 5h 25m). During this period, he started the Outer Banks Silver Riders bike group for people in their 50s to 90s. He coached several riders to county and state podium positions and one to a national title.

Steve Hughes (2023)

From Oakland CA, Steve joined the Air Force in 1976 and served for 28 years retiring as a CMSgt in 2003.

 Steve was instrumental in making the Inaugural M2M a super success. Among his many contributions, he led all fundraisers in raising money for the Wounded Airmen Program, worked with AFA to create the peer-to-peer fundraising mechanism for the M2M’s WAP efforts, and he successfully engaged sponsors for the M2M itself. He recruited the Sergeants Association to supply the Day 1 break and the Williamsburg VFW to provide the Day 2 lunch at Jamestown. He donated the use of his personal vehicle and recruited the volunteer driver to provide a support vehicle. He also provided straggler duty as a rider during one of the days ensuring no one was left behind. He earned the M2M’s initial Wilbur Wright Award for the best support person of the Inaugural M2M. 


Steve is a master cyclist. He rode RAGBRAI on the Air Force Cycling Team in 2001. Since retiring, Steve has ridden 25,000 miles for charity including two cross country rides. He has raised approximately $40,000 for veterans and first responders. Despite having lost function in one leg, he hopes to continue riding to help others and give back. Steve remains an active participant and supporter in the M2M.

Nomination Process

To recommend an individual for M2M Hall of Fame consideration, please send a nomination email to  cso@afcycling.com. The email should include name and contact information of the individual, biography with emphasis on relevance to the M2M, pertinent web links and images. Any nomination must include the name and contact information (email address and phone number) of the individual submitting the suggestion. Recommendations received by Jan 1st will be considered for the nominating class for that calendar year. Those suggestions received after Jan 1st will be considered for the following year’s ballot.

Anyone can nominate someone as long as the someone is not a current Hall of Fame Board Member. The Hall of Fame Board will decide whom among nominated candidates goes to a vote. Then, the board members and all inductees will vote. To induct someone into the M2M Hall of Fame requires 2/3 of the votes