We have fun, celebrate heritage, promote fitness and camaraderie all while providing support to our wounded brethren. Come join us as we celebrate the heritage of the U.S. Air and Space Forces and that of flight itself; from bike trails to contrails and beyond. 


All military and civilians are welcome to join us! From Day 1 or jump in on Day 4!


The Air Force Cycling Team (AFCT) along with its mission partners, the Air and Space Forces Association (AFA) and the Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS), host the ride and provide support. However, all riders are ultimately responsible for their safety, support, food, water, and lodging.

The Route for 2024!

Note: The roads will be open and law enforcement escorts are limited. See disclaimers below

Day 1

September 12th, 2024

Day 2

September 13th, 2024

Day 3

September 14th, 2024

Day 4

September 15th, 2024

Important Disclaimers

Neither the United States Air Force, nor the Air Force Cycling Team (AFCT) assumes any responsibility. Anyone joining the ride assumes their own liability

Supported By

These sponsors have supported the ride or have donated to the Wounded Airman Program! Want to help out? Contact M2MDirector@afcycling.com

Let’s ride

Below are the the links to signup to ride, buy official M2M gear or donate to support either the ride or the Wounded Airmen and Guardians Program (WAGP) directly!

The M2M Jersey celebrates our heritage… 

The roundel on the front is our Nation’s national insignia on military aircraft, and the M2M logo on the back has the contrails of the Air Force Memorial supported by the plinth of the Wright Brothers’ Memorial, just as our heritage rests on the shoulders of the Wright Brothers

The two planes subdued into the jersey are not only beautiful, but represent our heritage and that of flight itself from the Wright Brothers’ 1903 Flyer to today’s multi-service F-35. From bike trails to contrails and beyond!

Frequently asked questions

Or contact us at any time
Are there hotels at each of the overnight stops?

Yes, there are multiple hotels at each suggested overnight stop

Kitty Hawk: There are many options including Quality Inn, Days Inn, Best Western, Shutters on the Banks, Travel Lodge,

Norfolk: Fairfield Inn, Candlewood Suites, and Studio and Suites, Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn.

Capital Region of Richmond: Many, many options such as Hampton Inn, Hilton, Marriott.

Fredericksburg: Multiple including Best Western, Quality Inn 

Will there be signs up or road markings?

No. The plan is to have each person upload the final route into his or her navigation device.

Will there be medical support?

There will be no dedicated medical support. So far, we have two doctors riding and two support vehicles that may be able to assist. If you need medical help, it would be best to call 911

Can commanders authorize permissive TDY to ride or support this event?

In short, yes. But be sure to consult the regulations. There are limitations to the number of days per year.