M2M Participants, Supporters, Sponsors,                       2 Jul 2023 (Hotel section updated on 12 Jul)

Our 2nd Annual M2M, 7-10 Sep 2023, is only two months away.  The Air Force Cycling Team and I look forward to seeing many of you again and welcoming new M2M riders and supporters.  We already have more riders signed up this year!

Thank you to the many volunteers who have been working to make this year’s ride even better than last year’s!  Upfront, let’s thank our sponsors: Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, BGI, Kihomac, Penske, USAA, and Campus Cycles. 

This update is all inclusive and thus repeats some information from previous updates. 

This email covers:

  1. Purpose 
  2. Overview (Updated…with new Saturday plan)
  3. Kit (Store closes 10 July)
  4. Hotel reservations (Make reservations soon, let me know if you have an issue.)
  5. Straggler Volunteer (I need 3 more volunteers.)
  6. Bicycle Pumps (I need 5 more volunteers to bring a bicycle pump for all to use.)
  7. Wounded Airmen Program (Consider donating today!)
  8. Peer to peer fundraising for the Wounded Airmen Program – Fabulous new software
  9. Getting to the start
  10. Entering the Wright Brothers’ Memorial on Day 0 (6 Sep) 
  11. Luggage Truck / Bike Boxes
  12. Daily Accountability 
  13. Medical Support
  14. Liability 
  15. Group Riding: safety, techniques, and etiquette (Please be sure to read this!)
  16. Training 
  17. Historical Weather
  18. Equipment (Get ready ahead of time)
  19. Routes / Navigation
  20. Support “SAG” Vehicles / Spare parts 
  21. Financial help 
  22. Annual Awards
  23. Hall of Fame
  24. Photos
  25. Flyer
  26. AFA
  27. AFCT rider guidance
  28. T-Shirts
  29. Hotel List
  30. Safety
  31. Thank you’s
  32. Routes and key telephone numbers (coming in late August)

1.  Purpose

The purpose of the Air Force Heritage Memorial to Memorial Bicycle Ride (M2M) is to have fun, celebrate our heritage, promote fitness and recruiting, and support our wounded brethren.  We (US Air Force and US Space Force) can trace our roots back to two bicycle mechanics tinkering in a garage…from bike trails to contrails and beyond!   We are building the M2M with a view to becoming an annual ride where thousands of Americans participate, have fun, tackle a big challenge, and learn a bit about our Air and Space Forces. 

The full ride is challenging (like a marathon, but longer!).  Participants are welcomed to ride a single day or multiple days. Most sign up for all four days.  Riding the final day is an attractive option for those with time constraints or living in the DC area. 

2.     Ride Overview 

Weds, 6 Sep (Day 0) – arrive in Kill Devil Hills.  

  • Assemble bicycles and prepare all gear/clothing.  The “Outer Banks Bicycle Shop” (close to the hotel) will reassemble bikes at no cost if a cyclist is unable to do so. Further, the bike shop will remain open until 7pm on 9/6 and reopen at 6am on 9/7 to help cyclists who have mechanical issues prior to the 6:45am opening of the Wright Memorial.   
  • We start each morning at 0700. 

7 Sep (Day 1) Thursday (93 miles, flat, to Norfolk)

  • Enter Wright Brothers’ Memorial at 0645, be formed up by 0700. Welcome/overview briefing, flyby (tentative), photos, safety briefing, CSAF #21 remarks.
  • 25-mile support vehicle hydration stop
  • AFSA (Air Force Sergeants’ Association) will have a rest/food stop for us at the Navy Annex (near VA/NC border)
  • M2M pizza dinner with beverages at the hotel.

8 Sep (Day 2) Century Day / Friday (100 miles, 1800 ft, to Richmond)

  • Roll at 0700
  • 25-mile support vehicle hydration stop
  • Ferry ride at the halfway point
  • VFW hosted lunch near Jamestown
  • Virginia Capitol Bike Trail into Richmond.
  • Evening at leisure in beautiful downtown Richmond.

9 Sep (Day 3) / Saturday (71 miles, 1850 ft, to Fredericksburg)

  • 0700 ride to Fredericksburg
  • 25-mile support vehicle hydration stop
  • 1600-1700 Fredericksburg Battlefield Tour for those interested.
  • 1730-2030 All participants dinner / HOF induction / storytelling – In the old train station which is now a classic Bavarian style German restaurant and beer garden. (Coordinate with me if you plan to bring a guest.)

10 Sep (Day 4) Sunday (72 miles, 1800 ft, to the Air Force Memorial)

  • There will be several new riders joining on day 4.  New riders collect your M2M T-Shirt in the lobby.  We will start with a quick welcome and safety briefing at 0700.
  • 25-mile support vehicle hydration stop
  • 1245-1315 For those who can make it, meet at Vietnam War Memorial to honor the fallen heroes on the 50th anniversary of the end of the war.  
  • 1345 All riders rejoin at meet up point in Pentagon City
  • 1355 Ride under police escort to AF Memorial
  • 1400 Arrive and form up
  • 1405 Flyby (tentative)
  • 1406 Speech and presentation of Orville (Best Rider) and Wilbur (Best Support) awards
  • 1412 Photos

3.     Kit (Store closes 10 July)

Thanks to all who have bought kit.  Some of you who ordered the Helix jersey got an extra one for free.  For some, the first Helix jersey came with the “non-covered” zipper meaning the zipper split the roundel (it put a thick black line up the center).  For those who received such a jersey, Primal sent you a second jersey with a covered zipper to protect the integrity of the roundel.  The Sport Cut Jerseys were all made correctly the first time.

For those still desiring kit (I would love as many riders as possible to wear the M2M kit at least on days 1 and 4), the store is open until 10 July.  So, order now at M2MRide.com under the “gear store” tab.  The kit is permanent kit in that we keep the same kit year to year to save our cyclists from buying new kit annually while the old one is still respectable.

The kit tells our story:

The M2M jersey celebrates our heritage…
The roundel on the front is our Nation’s national insignia on military aircraft.  
The M2M logo on the back has the contrails of the Air Force Memorial supported by the plinth of the Wright Brothers’ Memorial, just like our heritage rests on the shoulders of the Wright Brothers. 
The two planes subdued into the jersey are not only beautiful but represent our heritage and that of flight itself from Wright Brothers’ 1903 Flyer to today’s multi-service F-35.  From bike trails to contrails and beyond!

4.     Hotel reservations (Make them soon)

For those that haven’t made them, please do so soon. See hotel section below. I have designated backup hotels at each location as the primary hotels have filled for nights 1 and 4.

5.  Straggler Volunteer (I need three more volunteers)

This year, I would like to try something new to ensure we finish each day with everyone.  Each day, I would like one confident, strong rider dedicated to ensuring everyone is either with or in front of him or her.  The rider would ride with the last cyclist or pack of cyclists as the day progresses.  This way, an individual rider won’t be alone at the at back.  Steve Hughes, our Hall of Famer and provider of this idea, has agreed to be the designated strong rider one of the days.  Please let me know if you would care to volunteer to take a day.  I need three more volunteers.

6.     Bicycle Pumps (I need 5 volunteers to bring a bicycle pump for all to use.)

I have one.  We need 6 bicycle pumps in total.  Please let me know if you can bring one and let it live for the four days in either a support vehicle or the luggage truck.  (When riders drop of their luggage in the morning, many want to top off their tires, and so we have three pumps ready for use on the back of the truck.  Additionally, each of the three support vehicles will have a pump.

7. Wounded Airmen Program (Consider donating today!) 

One of the wonderful aspects of the M2M is that we are raising money for the Wounded Airmen Program (fantastic AFA charity taking care of wounded Airmen and Guardians and their families).  While there is only a $25 fee to enter this ride, I am requesting every rider consider donating something to the Wounded Airmen Program. I like to tell the sponsors that while they are paying for the lion share of the cost of the ride, we are multiplying their generosity by raising money for the WAP.  To donate, go to M2MRide.com and select the appropriate tab down the page.   For those of us who wish to go further and become a “Fundraising Ambassador for the WAP,” you can do so.  Participants can have their own fundraising page that they can promulgate through their own social media sites (ie, your contacts, friends, and family can support your ride by donating to the WAP).  If interested in peer-to-peer fundraising, see the next paragraph. 

8. Peer to peer fundraising for the Wounded Airmen Program – Fabulous new software

For those of us who wish to become a “Fundraising Ambassador for the WAP,” we have worked with the AFA to make the software super user-friendly and more effective with tools like scorecards, etc.  The software will go live within two weeks.  When it does, I will send a quick update to everyone explaining how to use it.  And, Joe Macias at O: 703-544-9856, C: 202.281.9590 is standing by to help anyone get started. One of our riders has set a personal goal of raising $5K.

9. Getting to the start

Last year, most out of town riders either flew into Norfolk or drove from their homebase. After the ride, most flyers flew out of DC.  We have a bulletin board for those offering or needing rides to the start or from the finish.  Once your plans are set or your car is full, please remove your data from the bulletin board so that the bulletin accurately reflects the current needs and offers.  Last year, we successfully married up those offering and needing rides.  The issue that created the biggest challenge for us was old data on the bulletin board.  Please do your part to make the bulletin board work by removing your entries once your request or offer is fulfilled.  Google doc:  


10. Entering the Wright Brothers’ Memorial on Day 0

For those interested in visiting the Wright Brothers’ Memorial (a National Park) the day prior to the ride, please know you can collect a pass at the gate and enter for free with any one of these. 

  • Interagency Military Pass
  • Department of Defense Identification Card (non-expired CAC Card)
  • Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC)
  • Veteran ID Card
  • Veterans designation on a state-issued US driver’s license or identification card

FYI, the National Park Service offers free lifetime passes to veterans.  Follow this link  .  The pass will get the card holder and 3 other people into any national park for free.  Anyone under 16 is free.  At parks that charge a per car entrance fee, like the Grand Canyon, the whole car gets in for free. 

11. Luggage Truck / Bike Boxes

As of now, we will have one Penske 16’ truck.  I request each person only bring one hand carry size piece of luggage.  If you need to bring more, please coordinate with me prior.  The luggage truck will also carry your bike boxes/cases.  Steve Johnson has again volunteered to drive our luggage truck this year.  Steve will open the luggage truck each morning by 0630 to accept your luggage.  When we use a second hotel (like we will in Fredericksburg), Steve will have luggage truck at the second hotel from 0600-0630. 

12. Daily Accountability

In addition to a Straggler Volunteer, we will have each rider put his or her name on their luggage to help us with accountability.  If you don’t pick up your luggage, we will look for you.  So, please pick up your luggage each day.

13. Medical Support

Dr Leslie Knight, a rider, has volunteered to do “house calls” in the evenings and mornings.  She will have limited medical supplies and can patch wounds, discuss injuries, or recommend medications for minor ailments.  For anything urgent, call 911.  We do not have dedicated medical support during the ride (other than 911), but she is glad to take phone calls during the ride if it can’t wait until the evening.   

14.  Liability 

Everyone (military and civilian) is welcome to participate in the M2M and assumes his or her own liability.  By registering, each rider has agreed to this.  Neither the team, nor the Department of the Air Force (United States Air Force and United States Space Force) assume any liability. 

15. Group Riding: safety, techniques, and etiquette (please read this!)

During all four days, we will be riding in groups.  Riding in groups is a lot of fun and is efficient, offering significant energy savings and/or increased speed especially when the pack is moving at more than 15 mph relative wind.  Groups also provide a lot of safety, but they invite some risks if we don’t follow some basic rules.  To help keep us safe, let’s follow this guidance and read the suggested articles below.

Basic Rules:

  1. Everyone should practice and gain some proficiency in riding a straight line when looking around.  A common mistake when looking over one’s shoulder is to pull the respective arm back (for example looking over one’s left shoulder, one tends to pull back on their left arm and hence swerves left).  Swerving is dangerous in a group or even alone as one can swerve into another rider, into oncoming traffic, or off the road.  Consider watching this helpful video from 2:35 until 5:00 minutes.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oouEMYHoNFM
  2. We never overlap wheels as this can lead to dangerous collisions with sudden changes in speed or direction.
  3. We typically want about 2 feet of clearance.  When the roads are wet, we need to expand this to 2 to 3 yards and accept we will be less efficient.  If we enter heavy rain, extend the distance between riders to 3 to 4 yards.
  4. Ride smoothly.  Try to avoid sudden swerves or accelerations or decelerations.  
  5. Use brakes with extreme caution. A good rule of thumb is to not grab a handful of brake in a peloton unless you are the very last rider as the effect gets magnified going back through the group.  Experienced riders almost never use brakes in a group.
  6. We don’t wear earbuds/headphones when riding in groups.
  7. We don’t drop water bottles!  Be careful to stay steady when drinking and then carefully place your water bottle back in its holder while maintaining position.  Inexperienced riders may want to take a drink only when they are in the back of the peloton.
  8. Anticipate dangers.  Keep an eye on the wheel in front of you, of course, but also look ahead and see what is approaching and what riders ahead in the group are doing. 
  9. Communicate dangers.  If the leaders are saying “Slowing” or “Stopping” or “Car up” or pointing out a road hazard, repeat the warning.  If the riders in the back are shouting “Car back,” pass it forward.
  10. Always pass on the left.  (Riders assume their right side is clear and are free to move right to the edge of the road.)

I think the most efficient formation for our purposes and our roads are two by two.  To rotate, the left leader accelerates and takes the lead on the right once the right leader says, “Clear.”  The entire left side moves forward.  The back right rider moves left when clear.

The best article I have found on etiquette, techniques, and safety is here.  

WARNING:  This was written for a British audience that rides on left side of the road.  We ride on the right.  For this article to make sense for us, we must swap the lefts and rights.  For instance, we always pass on the left (the Brits pass on the right).  


If the left and right are confusing in the above article, I have attached to this email a second article for your reading.  This one is written by a Canadian cycling club for North American audiences and is also good.  

16. Training

if you would like to get some pointers, email our coach, JJ (coach@afcycling.com)

We are two months out, if you haven’t already begun to train, it is time to start.  We had great weather last year.  Stronger headwinds or rain would have increased the challenge…so please build your strength and endurance to accomplish the ride in challenging conditions. 

If you get a chance, practice riding in groups.  Please do not overlap wheels! 

When you are riding alone, take the opportunity to practice holding a straight line while looking over each shoulder!

17. Historical Weather

Weather in September in North Carolina and Virginia should be ideal.  However, one must be prepared for at least a passing rainshower if not a full day of rain.  If rain is in the forecast, I plan to carry a light windbreaker or rain jacket.  Here are the historical averages for our week. 

  • Daily average low temperature: 66 F
  • Daily average high temperature: 85 F
  • 45% humidity
  • 60% chance of clear or partly cloudy (40% chance of mostly cloudy or overcast)
  • 26% probability of rain
  • Wind 9 mph (variable direction)
  • Sunrise 6:47 AM, Sunset 7:27 PM

18. Equipment – Taillight, repair kit and ability to fix a flat

Repair kit – I suggest each rider has a repair kit and be sure to know how to fix a flat on your bike.  For newer riders, consider watching this short how-to video How to Fix a Flat Tire on a Bicycle. The key items in a repair kit are a spare tube, CO2 or small pump, tire levers, and a couple Allen wrenches.  AFCT members will stop to help anyone in need.  If you use your spare tube or CO2, be sure to get another set from the SAG vehicle when able so you are ready for the next flat.

Mirror: Some riders won’t use a mirror; others won’t ride without one.  The important thing is if you look over your shoulder, don’t drift either into traffic, another rider, or off the road.  Jack McCombs, our senior rider, recommends using a mirror.  His favorite is EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

Red taillight – I strongly recommend a bright flashing taillight.  Even during the day, the taillights really help cars see you.  They become really important if we have reduced visibility and/or rain.  And, it looks really great and is safer when a group of riders all have the taillights flashing!

Jacket(s) – Have a plan for rain.  If there is even a chance, I will roll up a light jacket and carry it in a back pocket.  For those in AFCT gear, please use either a team jacket or a clear jacket if you have them.  If not, use what you have as needed.

Navigation plan – Garmin (or something similar) or a smart phone (see navigation paragraph next) 

19.  Routes / Navigation

The route is not marked.  We will post the routes once they are final in August.  

For navigating, I think one has three options.   

  1. (Most common) Use a navigation computer (Garmin 530 comes recommended by our coach, JJ Johnson). 
  2. Mount a cell phone on your handle bars.  Use the app “Ride with GPS.”  The free version is all you need.  This app allows you to have your cellphone in airplane mode and thus save your battery. 
  3. Use a cell phone in normal mode; you will need a battery pack to power your phone.  (Navigation functions like google maps will drain your internal phone battery).    

20. Support “SAG” Vehicles 

  • SAG 1:  Julie Pinchak (This is your primary SAG if you need mechanical help or parts)
  • SAG 2:  Jack Knight 
  • SAG 3:  Buck Holloway
  • Luggage (Penske) Truck – Steve Johnson
  • All SAG vehicles will have water, Gatorade, spare tubes, and a bicycle pump. 
  • SAG 1’s primary role will be to help fix bikes when called.  She will have the bike stand, tools, and the vast majority of spare parts listed in the table below. 
  • SAG 2 will help SAG 1 as called but will also be providing the 25-mile water/gatorade stops. Note: Don’t count on the SAG, each rider is ultimately responsible for food and water. 
  • SAG 3’s will help provide protection to riders and backup SAG 1 and 2 as required.
  • The luggage truck will not serve as a SAG vehicle during the ride.  However, in case of truly inclement weather, we could call the truck to help transport bikes to the next hotel.  
  • If just one or two cyclists decide they are done for the day, SAG 1 should have room to pick them and their bikes up.  

Parts carried in SAG 1 (note, there is nothing to help with hydraulics.  If you have a hydraulic problem, you will likely need to call a SAG to be transported to a bike shop.)

Tool Kit 1
Bicycle Pump1
Work stand1
Tubes50 (two sizes, one up to 28, other 28 and over)
Chain2 at each 9 gear, 10 gear, 11 gear
Brake pads2 sets 
Derailleur cable2
Brake cable2
Tires2 at 25, 2 at 32
Chain lube1
CO2 cartridges15 at 16gm
Cleats –1 set Look, 1 set shimano spd, 1 set mtn spd
Disc brake pads2 “standard” size

21Financial help 

Thanks to our generous donors, we do have some limited funds to offset some costs for E-6 and below who find riding the M2M would create a financial hardship.  If this applies to you, contact me.  Proper discretion will be respected.

22. Annual Awards

Like last year, we will honor the top rider at the Air Force Memorial with the Orville Wright Award and the Best Support Person with the Wilbur Wright Award.  Along with a plaque, the winner will get a lifetime membership to the AFA.

23.  Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame tab on our website is live.  Congratulations to our 2023 Hall of Fame inductees, retired CMSgts Jack McCombs and Steven Hughes.  You will enjoy reading the write-ups: https://afcycling.com/m2m-ride/m2m-hof/

24.  Photos

All of the 700+ uploaded photos from last year are on our website, M2MRide.com  under the “Image Gallery.”  

For M2M 2023, if you have photos you like and are willing to share, please upload them to https://neptune9photography.smugmug.com/upload/j73cMr/m2m23

I thank Drew Patterson for setting up this link for free courtesy of his business.  Sometime after the M2M, Kyle Smathers, who volunteers an extraordinary amount of time building and maintaining our website, will move the photos to the M2M website and place them in a 2023 folder in the Image Gallery.  From there, everyone (including the press) can download whatever one desires. 

25. Flyer

I have attached a flyer for the ride.  Feel free to post it at your base gyms, local bicycle shops, etc.  The ride is open to the public.


26.  AFA – An official mission partner!

I am super grateful and excited that the Air and Space Forces Association (AFA) President Orville Wright, Kari Voliva (AFA VP, Member and Field Relations), and the entire AFA Board have agreed to be official mission partners of the M2M.  Together, the AFCT (Air Force Cycling Team) and the AFA will work to continually improve and grow the ride.  I don’t think I can overstate the significance of this agreement to the future of the M2M.  Fabulous!

27.  AFCT guidance for team members

  • AFCT (Air Force Cycling Team) members will wear M2M full kit, if you have it, at least on Days 1 and 4.  If a member doesn’t have M2M kit, please wear this year’s official team kit at least on Days 1 & 4.
  • Days 2 and 3 are retro days…wear any AFCT kit, preferably M2M kit. 
  • AFCT members will wear an Air Force shirt during off hours (any shirt related to the AF/SF, like a squadron shirt, or your M2M shirt, etc)
  • AFCT members will offer help to broken down riders.
  • AFCT members will not drink alcohol prior to completing the day’s ride.
  • AFCT members will represent the highest standards of the Department of the Air Force (USAF and USSF) at all times.
  • We are Ambassadors.  Please be courteous to all drivers; you are representing the United States Air Force and the United States Space Force.

28. T-Shirts

Everyone will get a beautiful, tech M2M 2023 T-shirt with our updated logo.  I am betting this will be your favorite T-shirt ever.  Those riding RAGBRAI will get their shirt in Iowa.  A few will get it via the mail.  And most of us will get ours when we show up at the M2M.  If you 

29.  Hotel List

Our primary hotel in Kill Devil Hills, the Travelodge, is nearly full (probably full by the time you read this) and the primary hotel in Fredericksburg, the Hyatt, is full. Therefore, we have designated a backup for each of these nights and the other two nights as well though I don’t expect we will need the backup on nights 2 and 3.  (Note the full primary hotels do open rooms occasionally when guests cancel, but as our contracted rooms are full, the open rooms will be at the going rate.)
For the first three nights, the backup is either right across the street or within a couple hundred yards…easy walking distance.  For the fourth night (Fredericksburg), the backup is 1.6 miles away.  

Therefore, we will have the luggage truck located at the primary hotel the first three nights and it will make stops at both hotels for the fourth night (Fredericksburg).  

Details night by night.

Weds – 6 Sep (Check in the 6th, check out the 7th): Kill Devil Hills, Outerbanks, NC

Note: Travelodge has only 2 rooms left as of this writing.  If full, go to the backup.

Primary Hotel

Travelodge By Wyndham Kill Devil Hills

804 North Virginia Dare Trail

North Carolina Hwy 12

Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948


$94, Breakfast included

Make reservation at:

 wyndhamhotels.com – must enter the group code under ‘ Special rate” tab.  The group code is Airforceteam1.

Breakfast at 6 AM.

Backup Hotel (2 blocks away)

Quality Inn Carolina Oceanfront

401 N. Virginia Dare Trail

Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948



Thurs – 7 Sep (Check in the 7th, check out the 8th): Chesapeake Suffolk, VA

Note:  Cutoff date for our discounted pricing is 24 Jul.  As of this writing, we have 13 more rooms at the discounted rate and then there are several other rooms at $149 and $159.  I don’t anticipate needing the backup hotel.

Primary Hotel

Fairfield Inn & Suites

2122 Joliff Road

Chesapeake, VA 23321


$119, (Breakfast included)

Make reservations at:

Book your group rate for M2M Heritage Ride

 or by calling 757-966-2727 and stating you are with the M2M Heritage Ride.

Backup Hotel (across the street)

Candlewood Suites

4809 Market Pl

Chesapeake, VA 23321



Friday – 8 Sep (Check in the 8th, check out the 9th):  Richmond, VA

Note:  Cut off date for our discounted pricing is 18 Aug.  As of this writing, we have 10 rooms left at the discount rate.  There are several other rooms available and as Marriott has flex pricing, the pricing will depend on availability and anticipated demand.  I don’t anticipate needing the backup hotel, but that will be the rider’s choice depending on how the pricing goes.

Primary Hotel

Richmond Marriott Downtown 

500 E Broad St

Richmond, VA 23219


$145 (breakfast is not included)

Make reservation at: 
Air Force Cycling Team – Start your reservation (passkey.com)

Backup Hotel (one block away)


501 E Broad St

Richmond, VA 23219

804- 344-4300

$190 ($145 if you have permissive TDY orders)

Saturday – 9 Sep (check in the 9th, check out the 10th):  Fredericksburg, VA

Primary Hotel is full.  Use the backup.

Hyatt Place Fredericksburg-Mary Washington

1241 Emancipation Highway

Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22401


$199 (Breakfast included)

Make reservation at:


Backup Fredericksburg hotel (1.6 miles)

Best Western

2205 Plank Rd

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

(540) 371-5050

$99 plus tax ($112 total). To get this rate, call the hotel and say with the “Air Force Cycling Team group”

30. Safety yes, again 🙂

We have done our best to select the safest roads.  However, some roads have narrow shoulders in places.  In a few areas, I would call the road “sketchy.”  We have riders testing each segment to further refine the route over the summer.  

During the M2M, please try to ride in groups.  From what I have seen, grouping naturally happens as the skill levels among us vary from world class racers to beginners.  There is safety in numbers.  Grouping also becomes important if we face stiff headwinds.  

If riding in a pace line, please do not overlap wheels with the rider in front of you.  

When looking over your shoulder, watch you don’t drift.

As mentioned in equipment, I recommend a flashing red taillight even in the daytime.

In case you encounter loose dogs, a technique to fend them off is to spray them with your water bottle.  If the dog appears particularly nasty, one might consider dismounting quickly and putting the bike between the dog and oneself.  Strength in numbers is the best deterrent. 

Stay hydrated!  I carry two water bottles.  When one is empty, I start looking for water.  I don’t wait until both are empty to start looking.  There are some long sections without places to refill water.  Some like to use one bottle for Gatorade or something similar.

31. Thank you!

Thank you CSAF #21 Gen Dave “JD” Goldfein for the vision and participation.
Thank you CSAF, CSO, CMSAF, CMSSF for your support and considering partaking!
Thank you to Director Trey Munn and the entire Air Force Cycling Team for leadership, support, and participation.
Thank you Dr Leslie Knight for your medical support, 2nd year running.
Thank you Steve Hughes for working the Day 1 NEX break, the Day 2 Jamestown lunch, M2M fundraising, and spearheading the drive to raise money for the Wounded Airmen Program.
Thank you Jack Knight for providing and driving support vehicle #2 providing the daily 25 mile hydration stop.
Thank you Julie Pinchak for driving support vehicle #1.
Thank you Buck Holloway for driving support vehicle #3.
Thank you Dan Smith for taking on Day 4 planning and routing.
Thank you Jack McCombs and Amy Eaton for planning Day 1.  
Thank you Joe Macias for the WAP donation page and securing new state of the art peer to peer fundraising software.
Thank you Kyle Smathers for our fabulous website.
Thank you Drew Patterson for creating a link where everyone can upload their sharable photos.
Thank you to the M2M Hall of Fame Board Members (CSAF #21 Gen Goldfein, Christian Smith, Leslie Knight, Drew Patterson, Joshua Johnson, Trey Munn) for vetting and voting on this year’s nominees.
Thank you Stephen Blackband and Nick Phipers at Primal for all the help and discounts with our high quality and beautiful M2M kit and T-shirts.
Thank you Mr Steve Johnson for agreeing to be our truck driver again this year.
Thank you Mark Wilder for planning our pizza and drinks social on Day 1 and for applying for the flybys.
Thank you Lauren Memarian for the updated logo.
Thank you Joshua Johnson for realizing the 501.c.3 designation, for coaching, for building all the route files, and help on many projects..
Thank you Alan Wilkens for AFCT IRS filing for ‘22
Thank you Carmen Panteleo for working approval for our Wright Brothers’ Memorial permit
Thank you Victor Brooks for working AF Memorial approval, microphone, and flags.
Thank you Alex Duarte for making the Orville and Wilbur Wright and HOF plaques
Thank you Heather Hurlock for your and the Arlington Police Support.
Thank you Michael Barber at the National Park Service for your support.
Thank you Debbie Diaz, Dana Harris, Chris Carter, and Donna Elliottfor KDH Town's support.
Thank you Police Chief Joel Johnson and Lt James Helms for KH town and KH PD support.
Thank you Kevin McCord and Tom Voorhes for Currituck County support.
Thank you Wallace Chadwick for Chesapeake City PD support.
Thank you Hannah Hockley for building the 2023 M2M Flyer
Thank you Chandler Tillet for Wright Brothers’ Memorial and Drone Photography support.
Thank you Nate Meier for working the Fredericksburg Battlefield Tour and the Team Dinner/Social in Fredericksburg
Thank you Len Vernamonti for organizing our visit to the Vietnam War Memorial.

Our Sponsors: 
Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, BGI, Kihomac, Penske, USAA, Campus Cycles!
Thank you Matthew Donovan and Penn Tseng for Raytheon’s financial support.
Thank you Orlando Sanchez and Kelly Hanley for Lockheed Martin’s financial support.
Thank you Phil Dismukes for BGI LLC’s financial support.
Thank you Ki Ho Kang for Kihomac's financial support.
Thank you Allison Coffey for Penske's truck support.
Thank you Chief Tapia for USAA’s financial support.
Thank you Mark Valet and Mike Bowers for Denver's Campus Cycles spare part support.

Our “Mission Partner”
Thank you to The Air and Space Forces Association (AFA).
Thank you Chairman Bernie Skoch, President Orville Wright, and Do-everything VP Kari Voliva 

32. Routes and key telephone numbers (coming in late August)

I will provide this detail in the final update near the end of August.  In the meantime, I suggest you familiarize yourself with your navigation equipment.  

Expect in August:

  • The routes in four formats:  
  • -garmin
  • -gpx
  • -Ride with GPS
  • -google maps
  • Phone numbers:  
  • Medical (non-emergency)
  • SAG 1
  • SAG 2
  • SAG 3
  • Penske Truck

I am super excited to ride with you!  Happy July 4th! Please contact me with any questions, offer to volunteer, or ideas.  I can’t wait to see you all!

Live and Let Surf or in this case, Ride On!

-Surf (Robert Beletic)



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