M2M Participants, Volunteers, Sponsors,

We are almost in the Outer Banks to start the epic 2nd Annual M2M on the 120th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ history changing flight.  We will have 60% more riders this year!  This email contains the final important notes.  Please contact me with any questions.  This update will be posted soon along with the two previous updates on M2MRide.com under the “Latest News” tab. 

Events in Chronological Order

Note: All events are gratis however feel free to tip the Air Force Sergeants Association (hydration/snack stop at Navy Annex on Day 1), the Williamsburg VFW (lunch, Day 2), the Fredericksburg Battlefield Tour Guide on Day 3, and the Bartender at the all-participants dinner on Saturday night (Note: the M2M will have already paid the restaurant staff tip).

Wednesday, 6 SEP (Day 0)

Arrive at start hotel – prepare bike, navigation, and pick up T-shirt.  I suggest you visit the Wright Brothers’ Memorial if you haven’t seen it.  If you have a bike box, you can store it on the truck (towards the front as it will stay on the truck until you are ready for it at the end).

“Outerbanks Bike Shop” (1-2 blocks south of the two hotels) is open late until 7 PM to help anyone needing help to reassemble bikes.  It will also open at 0600 on Day 1 for anyone needing last minute help.

Thursday, 7 SEP (Day 1) (93 miles, flat, to Norfolk)

  • Truck is open for luggage at 0600-0640
  • T-shirts will be at the truck, if you hadn’t already picked yours up.
  • Please put the designated nametag on your luggage (to both identify the owner and to help us account for everyone at the end of each day).
  • If desired, top off tires each day with the pumps at the truck.
  • Depart hotel about 6:40.
  • 0645: Cross highway under police direction and enter the Wright Brothers’ Memorial
  • 0700: Be formed up on the east side of the Memorial. 
  • Surf Welcome Words
  • 0710 Group photo under 4 ship flyby
  • CSAF #21 Welcome, CSAF #21 inducts Jack McCombs into the M2M HOF.
  • Coach JJ Johnson – safety speech
  • 0730 Roll 2 x 2 under police escort until we are off the island.  Then, form groups as desired.
  • 25 mile hydration stop
  • 2nd hydration/snack stop at Navy annex, sponsored by Air Force Sergeants’ Association
  • 1630-1800 Pizza and Beverage social in the Fairfield Inn lobby

Friday, 8 SEP (Day 2) (100 miles, 1800 ft, to Richmond)

  • Roll at 0705 under police escort
  • 25-mile support vehicle hydration stop
  • Ferry ride at the halfway point
  • VFW hosted lunch near Jamestown (a couple hundred yards north of the ferry on the right side, near the Jamestown Settlement Café and prior to joining the Virginia Capitol Bike Trail)
  • Virginia Capitol Bike Trail into Richmond.
  • While there are a few gas stations, it is important to not run low on water on this segment (SAG 3 will set up hydration stop at approximately 75 miles).
  • Evening at leisure in beautiful downtown Richmond.

Saturday, 9 SEP (Day 3) (71 miles, 1850 ft, to Fredericksburg)

  • 0700 ride to Fredericksburg
  • 25-mile support vehicle hydration stop
  • 1600-1700 Fredericksburg Battlefield Tour for those interested.  Others may want to walk Fredericksburg’s beautiful main street.
  • 1730-2030 All participants dinner / HOF induction / storytelling – In the old train station which is now a classic Bavarian style German restaurant and beer garden, the Alpine Chef, 200 Lafayette Blvd. (Coordinate with me if you plan to bring a guest so I can give the restaurant an accurate number.)

Sunday, 10 SEP (Day 4) (69 miles, 1800 ft, to the Air Force Memorial)

  • There will be several new riders joining on day 4.  New riders collect your T-shirt at the truck when you drop off luggage or after the ceremony at the AF Memorial.
  • New riders only:  0645 Safety Briefing in front of the Hyatt
  • All riders, quick briefing at 0700
  • Roll under police escort at 7:10
  • 25-mile support vehicle hydration stop
  • Anytime from 1200-1315: For those who can make it, visit the Vietnam War Memorial to honor the fallen heroes on this the 50th anniversary of the end of the war. 
  • 1345 All riders rejoin at meet up point in Pentagon City
  • 1355 Ride under police escort to AF Memorial
  • 1400 Arrive and form up.
  • 1405 Speech and presentation of Orville (Best Rider) and Wilbur (Best Support) awards
  • 1415 Photos

“Final Mile” map:  arrive at Air Force Memorial at 2 PM under police escort.


Helping our Wounded Airmen and Guardians and their families

While sponsors largely cover the costs of the M2M, I ask every rider to consider donating to the AFA Wounded Airmen and Guardians Program (WAP) via the M2M website at https://www.classy.org/campaign/m2m-fundraising-drive-for-the-wounded-airmen-and-guardians-program/c487152

In only our second year, we have come full circle.  The M2M raises money for the AFA’s WAP.  Among other great work, the WAP outfits the wounded with custom bicycles and sponsors their rides.  This year, we have at least one such wounded warrior riding the entire M2M.  Way cool!

2023 Routes – Big shout out to JJ for putting this section together.


To use offline maps from RidewithGPS, use the Ride with GPS mobile app to navigate routes on your phone, without cell service. Download turn-by-turn directions and offline maps before any adventure to save data, and battery life. Set your phone to airplane or Offline mode to ride untethered. You do not need a paid subscription to use this feature because the AFCT has a club account.

To download routes:
Select the route you want to download.
Tap the Save button.
Tap Download for Offline.

Take note: Downloading a route for offline use will also Pin the route to your account. 

RidewithGPS files https://ridewithgps.com/collections/2142760

Garmin Files

Info on how to use send Garmin files to a Garmin device.


To send the Garmin routes to your Garmin device:

  1. Click on the ellipse under the route’s elevation profile and click “Send to Device”
  2. Check the device you want to send the route/course to and double check that “Launch Garmin Express” is not checked (unless that is the only way your device communicates to your Garmin account.
  3. Click “Send to Device” and your course will be uploaded when you synchronize your Garmin device next.


  1. Open each day’s route Garmin file on a web browser on a civilian computer.
  2. Log into your Garmin Connect account, if you haven’t already. Click on the ellipse under the route’s elevation profile and click “Download (GPX)”
  3. On the vertical black menu located at the left of the screen, hover over “Training” and select “Training” and “Courses” drop down option.
  4. Click “Import” and upload the 2022 Day 1 Course file to your Garmin Connect account.
  5. Sync Garmin GPS device to your account to ensure the route is saved as a course on the device.

Google Map Files

GPX and FIT files are available for download here https://ridewithgps.com/collections/2142760


Unless prior coordinated, please limit your luggage to one hand carry size suitcase.  You may also store your bike box on the truck for the week. 

Luggage will be tagged first day and used for rider accountability each day.  Please pick up your suitcase each evening or we will search for you.

Luggage Truck Location

Day 0:  Luggage Truck will swing by Norfolk Airport to pick up bicycles at 1230.

Day 1:  Tag and Drop off luggage at primary hotel 6:00 to 6:40.  Ken Beyer will help you tag your bag correctly.  Pick up luggage after completing ride at the primary hotel.

Day 2:  Drop off luggage between 6:00 and 6:45 at the primary hotel.  Pick up luggage at completing ride at the primary hotel (the truck will be located behind the Marriott)

Day 3:  Drop of luggage between 6:00 and 6:45 at the primary hotel.  Steve Johnson will ask those who are staying that night in the back up hotel (Best Western) to mark their luggage tag and then will direct where to place the luggage on the truck (to make it easy to drop off luggage at the Best Western).   Steve will run between the two Saturday night hotels until all luggage is claimed.

Day 4:  Luggage Truck (or a support vehicle or vehicles) will be at the back up (Best Western) hotel 5:50 – 6:20.  Luggage truck will be at the primary hotel 6:30 – 7:00.

Everyone will claim their luggage at the Air Force Memorial.

Flat Tires / Bike or cleat repairs

Please carry what you need to repair a flat.  The SAG vehicles will have spare tubes and CO2 cartridges.  If you use yours, please refill next time you see a SAG vehicle so you are ready in case of a subsequent flat.

SAG vehicle #1 has an extensive set of spare parts and tools.  Call it if you need help.

Contact names to have in your cell phone.

Numbers sent in update e-mail to all registered attendees, please contact Surf (surf.m2m@gmail.com) or Kyle (webmaster@afcycling.com) if you did not receive!

  • Support Vehicle #1 (primary vehicle for spare parts and tools):  Julie Pinchak and Gary Short.
  • Support Vehicle #2 (25-mile hydration stop, spare parts):  Jack Knight 
  • Support Vehicle #3 (luggage support on Day 1 and 4, and 75 mile hydration stop on Day 2): Ken Beyer
  • Support Vehicle #4 (backup SAG) – Buck Holloway
  • Luggage Truck:  Steve Johnson 
  • Medical emergencies or anything serious – call 911
  • Team Doctor (and rider) for “house calls”:  Dr Leslie Knight
  • Flight Nurse (and rider): Robert Hector
  • Other: Surf Beletic

Straggler Duty – strong, confident riders who will stay with the last group so that no one (who starts on time) is left behind and alone. The straggler duty will carry a tracker (provided by Steve Teal) so that the support vehicles and anyone interested can see where the last group is at  https://maps.findmespot.com/s/832X

  • Day 1.  Jack Hudson and Steve Hughes
  • Day 2.  Steve Teal and Allen Kruckel
  • Day 3.  Anya Wallace and David “Hajii” Julazadeh
  • Day 4.  Marcus Nieto and Steve Hughes


Hydration and food intake is ultimately each rider’s responsibility.

Our plan is to have one hydration stop at the 25-mile point each day manned by SAG vehicle 2 unless the vehicle gets called to a higher need.  On the two long days, we have planned a second stop.  On day 1, the AFSA will set up a hydration/snack stop at the Navy Annex (a few miles prior to the Dismal Swamp).  On Day 2, SAG vehicle 3 will set up near the 75-mile point.  There are several gas stations and food establishments along the way.

I suggest each rider carry two water bottles.  (One technique is to have one with water and one with Gatorade or the like.)  Do not wait until both are empty to start looking for refills.  There are some long stretches without water.

Vietnam War Memorial Visit

On Sunday, we will all meet at the reform location (same as last year) as depicted on the map at 1:45 PM.  I encourage those who see they are going to make it way early, to ride the extra 3 miles to the Vietnam War Memorial to pay our respects on this the 50th anniversary of the close that war.  Civil Air Patrol cadets have volunteered to be there to watch your bike as you walk the wall.  I suggest departing the Vietnam War Memorial by 1:15 to ensure you are back at the reform location on time. 

While at the Memorial, I suggest performing one of two exercises that helps one understand the magnitude of the sacrifice and bravery the wall represents. 

Exercise 1: Go to panel 29E and look for Medal of Honor recipient Lance P Sijan without googling what line he is on.  It will take some work even though you know which panel upon to search.  For me, it brings home how many names are on the wall. 

Exercise 2:  Stop at the Vietnam Memorial kiosk and ask for paper and pencil. Go to the https://www.vvmf.org/Wall-of-Faces/ and open the advanced search option and search for one Air Force veteran from the state of your choice.  Locate the fallen hero on the Vietnam Wall and rub his name on to the paper using the pencil. Doing so honors that person.  

Some Important Safety Notes

  1. Please be careful when riding in groups or pace lines.  Never overlap wheels.  See the July update on our Website “Latest News” for details and recommended procedures.
  2. Please be prepared for rain and if it happens, slow down and allow much more spacing between riders.
  3. Always cross railroad tracks at 90 degrees.
  4. Never let your front tire fall into an expansion joint or crack (they can grab your tire and flip you instantaneously causing life threatening injuries).
  5. Have and use your tail light.  Tail lights make one much easier to see especially in inclement weather.

CFC – Combined Federal Campaign 

We (Air Force Cycling Team – M2M) are now a listed charity and would love you and your colleagues to consider us when donating this year.  The CFC campaign begins on 1 Sep.  Help spread the word.  Feel free to use the CFC logo and our CFC number on any material. 


CFC #22104 Air Force Cycling Team

Our CFC listing statement: The Air Force Cycling Team hosts the Air Force Heritage Memorial to Memorial Bike Ride (M2M) from the Wright Brothers’ Memorial to the Air Force Memorial, M2MRide.com. Open to all, the ride celebrates heritage and supports wounded Airmen and Guardians.

Recumbent Bicycles – you bet!

Recumbent bikes are authorized in the M2M.  We have a least two riders using them this year.


Just the required liability reminder! Everyone assumes their own risk and their own liability when participating in the M2M.  As a condition to ride, everyone agrees to not hold the USAF, USSF, AFCT, AFA, or anyone organizing the M2M (all of which are volunteers) liable.   

Free AFA Membership

Every rider and support vehicle driver gets one-year free AFA membership.  I will supply AFA with your names and emails.  AFA will contact you!  If you would prefer me not to pass on your name and email to the AFA for this purpose, please let me know.  Our two annual award winners, Orville Wright (best rider) Award and Wilbur Wright (best support person) Award, will win lifetime AFA membership.


For M2M 2023, if you have photos you like and are willing to share, please upload them to https://neptune9photography.smugmug.com/upload/j73cMr/m2m23

Shortly after the M2M, Kyle Smathers will move the photos to the M2M website and place them in a 2023 folder in the Image Gallery.  From there, everyone (including the press) can download whatever one desires. 

This is the team that has brought you this year’s M2M…please give these companies and volunteers a sincere Thank You!

  • Thank you CSAF, CSO, CMSAF, CMSSF for your support!
  • Thank you CSAF #21 Gen Dave “JD” Goldfein for the vision and participation.
  • Thank you to Director Trey Munn and the entire Air Force Cycling Team for leadership, support, and participation.
  • Thank you Dr Leslie Knight for your medical support, 2nd year running.
  • Thank you Steve Hughes for working the Day 1 NEX break, the Day 2 Jamestown lunch, M2M fundraising, and spearheading the drive to raise money for the Wounded Airmen Program.
  • Thank you Julie Pinchak and Gary Short for driving support vehicle #1.
  • Thank you Jack Knight for providing and driving support vehicle #2 providing the daily 25 mile hydration stop.
  • Thank you Ken Beyer for supplying and driving support vehicle #3
  • Thank you Buck Holloway for driving support vehicle #4.
  • Thank you Jack McCombs and Amy Eaton for planning Day 1. 
  • Thank you Samantha Grey for planning Day 2.
  • Thank you Dan Smith for taking on Day 4 planning and routing.
  • Thank you Joe Macias for the WAP donation page and securing new state of the art peer to peer fundraising software.
  • Thank you Kyle Smathers for our fabulous website.
  • Thank you Drew Patterson for creating a link where everyone can upload their sharable photos.
  • Thank you to my fellow M2M Hall of Fame Board Members (CSAF #21 Gen Goldfein, Christian Smith, Leslie Knight, Drew Patterson, Joshua Johnson, Trey Munn) for vetting and voting on this year’s nominees.
  • Thank you Stephen Blackband and Nick Phipers at Primal for all the help and discounts with our high quality and beautiful M2M kit and T-shirts.
  • Thank you Mr Steve Johnson for being our truck driver again this year.
  • Thank you Mark Wilder for planning our pizza and drinks social on Day 1 and petitioning for and organizing the Day 1 Opening Ceremony fly by.
  • Thank you Lauren Memarian for the updated logo.
  • Thank you Joshua Johnson for realizing the 501.c.3 designation, for coaching, and for building all the route files.
  • Thank you Alan Wilkens for IRS filing for ‘22
  • Thank you Carmen Panteleo for working approval for our Wright Brothers’ Memorial permit
  • Thank you Victor Brooks for working AF Memorial approval, microphone, and flags.
  • Thank you Alex Duarte for making the Orville and Wilbur Wright and HOF plaques
  • Thank you Heather Hurlock for your and the Arlington Police Support.
  • Thank you Michael Barber at the National Park Service for your support.
  • Thank you Debbie Diaz, Dana Harris, Chris Carter, and Donna Elliottfor KDH Town’s support.
  • Thank you Police Chief Joel Johnson and Lt James Helms for KH town and KH PD support.
  • Thank you Kevin McCord and Tom Voorhes for Currituck County support.
  • Thank you Wallace Chadwick for Chesapeake City PD support.
  • Thank you Hannah Hockley for building the 2023 M2M Flyer
  • Thank you Chandler Tillet for Wright Brothers’ Memorial and Drone Photography support.
  • Thank you Nate Meier for working the Fredericksburg Battlefield Tour and the Team Dinner/Social in Fredericksburg
  • Thank you Ken Beyer for working luggage tags and distributing T-shirts at the M2M.
  • Thank you Len Vernamonti for organizing our visit to the Vietnam War Memorial.
  • Thank you Jack Hudson, Dave Julazadeh, Steve Teal, Anya Wallace, Allen Kruckel, Marcus Nieto, and Steve Hughes for volunteering for Straggler Duty ensuring no rider is left behind.
  • Thank you to those loaning bicycle pumps for everyone’s use:  Steve Hughes, Joe Kunkel, Jack and Leslie Knight, Steve Teal, Patti Dannr, Dave Cochran, and Dave Julazadeh.

Our Sponsors:

  • Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, BGI, Kihomac, Penske, USAA, Campus Cycles!
  • Thank you Matthew Donovan and Penn Tseng for Raytheon’s sponsorship.
  • Thank you Orlando Sanchez and Kelly Hanley for Lockheed Martin’s sponsorship.
  • Thank you Phil Dismukes for BGI LLC’s sponsorship.
  • Thank you Ki Ho Kang for Kihomac’s sponsorship.
  • Thank you Allison Coffey for Penske’s truck support.
  • Thank you Chief Tapia for USAA’s sponsorship.
  • Thank you SECAF #24 Heather Wilson for your sponsorship.
  • Thank you Steve Teal for your sponsorship of E-6 and below.
  • Thank you Mark Valet and Mike Bowers for Denver’s Campus Cycles spare part support.
  • Our “Mission Partner”
  • Thank you to The Air and Space Forces Association (AFA).
  • Thank you Chairman Bernie Skoch, President Orville Wright, and Do-everything VP Kari Voliva

See you all in the Outer Banks or on the day you join the jaunt north!  I look forward to riding with you.

This is going to be challenging and fun! Thank you for your support and participation.




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