Team Donations

If you or your organization want to donate items or offer financial support for the AF Cycling Team, please contact Larry Gallo .


Financial Support:
Sponsor Team Meal
Spnosor Team Uniform or Accessories
Sponsor Fuel and Gas Cards
Sponsor Drinks (Sports Drinks, Water, etc)
Sponsor Ice
Sponsor Transportation Costs
Sponsor Incidentals

Donation Items: (not limited to these)
Road Bike Equipment and Parts
Road Bike Tire Tubes
Tents and Camping Supplies
Bottled Water
Energy Snacks
Polo Shirts
Rental Vehicle(s)

Is there another area you would like to help the Team out with? if so send us your suggestion(s).
Thank You for your support!!

2 thoughts on “Team Donations

  1. To all the members of the Air Force Cycling Team that rode RAGBRAI this year. Though I didn’t need any help it was great to see your team members helping those riders who had difficulties. All week long, every time I saw people on the side of the road there was always an Air Force Team member or two assisting. Thanks for your professionalism and willingness to sacrifice.

    I was able to talk to a number of members at rest stops and was amazed at the maturity of individuals representing the Air Force. The USA is in good hands as long as we have you looking out for our citizens.


    1. Sorry for taking a while to respond Randy. This is a new website and I just got a log-on to repond. Thank you for the kind words.

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