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  1. On RAGBRAI last week in Iowa, I had a breakdown during the longest day (Wednesday) going up a long hill. Within seconds, two Team Air Force riders, Steve and Frank, asked if I needed assistance and pulled off to help me. It was a chain situation I could not have fixed on my own, but these two diagnosed the situation and provided a solution that got me up and running again quickly. They were perfectly gracious throughout. What a great experience. Thank you Team Air Force!

  2. Good Morning!
    Very moved by the stories of the USAFCT during RAGBRAI. You guys/girls are amazing and way to represent the USAF so well.

    I am an avid cyclist who lives in Northern Colorado. Retired in 1999, but would be honored to join your team and participate in any/all events which you participate. How may I join you?

    Thanks for the knowledge and Aim High!

  3. I wanted to thank all of the USAF cycling team for the outstanding job they did on Ragbrai 2018!. All team members represented the USAF with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. I was one of the recipients of one of the challenge coins and will forever hold that coin as one of the proudest moments of my life. I had a heart attach June 2nd and was able to complete the entire route with the support of the USAF cycling team! So proud to have shared the road with this group!



  4. The US Air Force Cycling Team is awesome! For six days on RAGBRAI I saw this group of 126 people helping numerous people with flat tires and other issues that face bike riders during an event like this. And then I had bike problems of my own four miles south of Hills, Iowa, while going up a hill. The rear derailleur snapped off my bike and I fell.

    By the time I was up off the ground, Ralph, Josh and Amanda from the US Air Force Cycling Team were on the scene. Ralph sized up the situation and found a solution so I could limp my way to Iowa City on my now one-speed bike. He was compassionate in his manner and was looking out for my best interest. At the same time. Amanda engaged my traveling friend in a thoughtful conversation; and I was able to provide a charger to put some juice in his cell phone.

    I am so grateful for the help of Ralph, Josh and Amanda and I know first-hand that there are so many others who are appreciative of their efforts and their colleagues. The US Air Force Cycling Team makes RAGBRAI a safer activity for all. Thank you very much….

  5. I had the opportunity to ride the first three days of RAGBRAI 2018 with a group that included two younger riders – ages 9 and 13. We had a great time.
    I have to comment on what an outstanding group the AFCT was during those three days.
    I don’t think we ever saw a rider on the side of the road without at least a couple of the AFCT riders already there checking on the rider and providing assistance. We came upon one accident where the ambulance had arrived and emergency personnel were in the road ditch working with an injured rider. Five of the AFCT riders were lined up before the ambulance to help steer the other riders around the emergency site as well as screen the injured rider from gawkers.
    At one of our stops one of your members came over to talk with our two young riders, gave them lanyards, and encouraged them to keep riding strong. About two hours later he passed us on the road and greeted those two boys by name.
    All in all a very impressive team. Thanks for your great efforts on the ride and thank you for your service to our country.

  6. Hello,
    I am a combat veteran of the U.S. Army’s 101st Infantry (Iraq), and was at RAGBRAI 2018. I live in Des Moines, Iowa. I was trying to find you guys, but I was only able to ride one day this year because of finals in college. I just wanted to say that it is so cool to see you guys out there doing what you do. Does the Army do anything like this? If not, would you guys consider letting an Army Veteran ride with you in RAGBRAI 2019? As you guys well know, just because I stopped serving in the Armed Forces doesn’t mean I stopped serving the people. Seeing you guys on RAGBRAI reminded me of that. Cycling is something that I have really gotten into the past year, and I really love and enjoy it. I believe in your mission statement and would love to be able to support it or be apart of it. Hope I hear back from you guys.
    Curtis Covington

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