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Registration for 2019 runs 15 November 2018 – 15 December 2018!

All Active Air Force, Reserves, Guard, Civil Servants and Retirees: How would you like to SLOW DOWN and represent the Air Force by riding your bicycle and serving others for a span of 7 days, riding ~70-100 miles a day? If you answered “YES!” Press on to instruction #1!

1. Contact the Base/Regional leader nearest to you to discuss the rider contract and consider before signing. Once signed, you enter into a very serious agreement of brotherhood and commitment.

(Note: Some regions/hubs fluctuate yearly based on available riders & leadership!  Some state colors on map are suggestions)


2. Once your contract is signed, work with your regional leader fill out the rider gear paperwork. You will submit that along with your payment to them. Your leader will have the latest copy of all forms.

3. Since each region has a limited number of initial spots for RAGBRAI, your spot wont be reserved until your leader has received the signed contract, gear application, and payment (currently done via Venmo). There are other options (like local rider only) that your regional leader should be able to fill you in on.

4.  Deadline for 2019 is 15 December 2018!


10 thoughts on “Join The Team!

  1. Am interested in being an Air Force Cycling Team member, 2019. I’m a USAF retiree. I retired in 2005, 20 years service.

  2. It would be nice to have a European Cycling branch as well. I cycle and I would like to help set up on Germany.

    1. at this time we are not suited to take all veterans, only the retired AF type, one of the reason is we would be a huge team and all we have is people with fulltime Air Force jobs trying to get things done. We are sorry.

  3. I’m a retired member living in MN. Due to my current job it would be very difficult to meet the required formations out side of the week in Iowa. I could join either NE or Scott group. What are the events and locations of the mandatory formations? Are there exceptions made. I finally got enough seniority at my current job to get the week off each summer.

  4. Hello Mark, you and I have been talking about this for quite a while 🙂 There is nothing in your area so RAGBRAI would be your only option. Please get with the Nebraska Team Leader Michael Hall who is at Offutt, to look into getting a RAGBRAI slot.

  5. I ride RAGBRAI with family every chance I get. This year I would like to represent my AF family. Currently in Korea and heading to Japan. If we dont have any team leaders in these areas I’ll take it on. Cheers!

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