AFCT Base Leaders Ordering Page

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2017 AFCT Regional Teams
At-Large Members At-Large Members should contact the nearest Base Team to them for membership.

Chris Dock, DSN 317-551-6246, Cell 907-306-8039


Sandra Frank, DSN 731-7545| Cell (210)531-6270

California Scott Anthony, DSN: 837-6941; Comm (707)423-6941
Colorado pending
Gulf Coast Region/Robins AFB Andrew Nelson

Vince Zabala

Missouri Shallyn Troutman
National Capital Region Mark Wilder, DSN 575-4273
New Mexico Mike Dias, DSN 572-3103

Lt Col Ron Phipps (Ret)

Oklahoma Burr Ciprich
South Dakota

Anthony Bares, Anthony Bares, DSN 675-5638/commercial 605-385-5638

Texas Larry Gallo, DSN 945-3308
Northern Texas Efrain "E" Carrion
Utah Miguel Duarte-Hernandez “Alex”, DSN 777-1119/586-0558
  If you do not see your base leader's info here, email Who's My Team Leader ... so we can get them added.